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We provide a complete guide for VAT registration in Dubai, UAE, it helps businesses can easily manage their transactions by adhering to laws and consulting on them.

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In the UAE, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) oversees VAT registration services Dubai, returns filing and payment collection. In addition to ensuring that every rule & guideline is observed lawfully, the team of Accusafe Taxation Consultancy Services​ is experts trained and appointed to fast-track the process and guide them through the same. In addition to the above, all registered businesses have to align their business reporting structure with compliance requirements such as maintaining accurate and updated books of accounts, tax-paid documents, such as tax invoices, credit notes, debit notes, and records of all inward and outward supplies. Do all businesses have to register for VAT? Businesses that cross the threshold for annual aggregate turnover are liable to register for VAT. The registration threshold determines whether a business is mandated to register or has the option to apply for registration or seek exemption from VAT registration in UAE based on that threshold.

VAT registration services Dubai

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VAT Registration Services in Dubai

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VAT Registration Services in Dubai

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