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dubai customs registration renewal

Importers and exporters of goods to Dubai will need to register with Dubai Customs and obtain a clearance code. As long as the business has a valid license to execute the service in Dubai, it can register for more than one service. To obtain a code, you must have a valid trading/commercial license.

Getting the Customs Code in Dubai

Dubai Customs is one of the leading government departments in the region since it is responsible for ensuring smooth trading operations in businesses around the city. To ensure their products are not bannable, businesses must check their product list before registering with customs. Since UAE norms restrict the sale of banned items and can impose substantial fines, traders of banned items face high penalties. The “Dubai Trade Portal” can provide a custom code if an application is submitted. In order to obtain a code, the following documents must be submitted.

  • Valid trade license copy
  • Passport copy of the authorized person
  • Chamber of commerce certificate
  • An undertaking letter
Once the customs authorities review the application and collect a payment, the code is generated electronically. Annual renewal of the commercial license by the appropriate authority is required to renew the code obtained after registration with Dubai customs.

Licenses Permitted in Dubai Customs

  • Commercial License
  • Industrial License
  • Professional License
  • Intelaaq
  • Free Zone License
  • Governmental Notification
  • Dubai Customs Code Renewal
  • Businesses must submit an application through the Dubai Trade Portal in order to renew Dubai customs.
  • Customs Code Registration Assistance in Dubai

Since its inception, it has helped clients with company registration in Dubai Custom. Among the services it offers are:

  • Company registration in Chamber of Commerce
  • Generate new import & Export code
  • Renew import & Export code
  • Company registration in Dubai municipality
  • Item registration in Dubai municipality
  • Restricted Products in Customs Dubai
  • The Dubai authorities require a pre-approval for pets and domestic animals, as well as a medical test for the pet
  • Food Items
  • Tourists should be cautious with what they bring into the country, including their medication and prescription medication.
  • Publications or artwork that conflict with Islam’s beliefs
  • Some technical equipment requires preapproval from Dubai authorities
  • Cigarettes and alcohol – One must be at least 18 years old to carry these items, and the amount should not exceed the permitted amount.
  • Allowed Entities in Dubai Customs Registration
  • Importer (commercial)
  • Exporter (commercial)
  • Broker
  • Free Zone
  • CTO
  • CH (Cargo Holder)
  • Overseas Company
  • Private Individual
  • Airline Agent
  • Shipping Line Agent
  • Importer (professional)
  • Importer (industrial)
  • Exporter (professional)
  • Warehouse
  • Gate Control Authority
  • Courier

Obtaining the Dubai customs code can be done in an efficient and hassle-free manner by our Custom registration Dubai team. Our team will also assist with the renewal of the custom code along with the renewal of the license for the company.  For cost details and fast assistance with Dubai Customs registration, please contact us.

In collaboration with the UAE Customs Department, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) collects VAT on goods imported from the UAE. Tax Registration Numbers (TRN) should be provided to the customs department by all businesses registered under VAT when clearing imported goods. Upon updating and finding the Tax Registration Number (TRN) valid in their system, the customs department will allow the businesses to clear imported goods without paying VAT at customs.

When a Tax Registration Number (TRN) and a Customs Registration Number (CRN) are linked, businesses can clear imported goods without paying VAT at customs and pay later when filing VAT Returns for that period. To link your Tax Registration Number (TRN) with Customs Registration Number (CRN) if you are registered for VAT but have not updated your TRN with the Customs department, you have the following options.

Option 1: Through the Import Declaration Form

  • The CRN will be updated in the Customs System when the Import Declaration Form VAT301 is submitted. To complete the Import Declaration Form, follow these steps.
  • Use the username and password associated with your TRN to access the FTA’s e-services portal
  • Click on “VAT301 – Import Declaration Form for VAT Payment” in the VAT tab of the FTA e-Services Portal.
  • To auto-fill TRN numbers, enter the port of entry, customs declaration number, and declaration date, then click ‘Fetch associated registration number’.
  • Submit the declaration form after completing the declaration process.
  • This will result in an electronic update of the customs declaration at the customs department indicating that the VAT payment has been completed.

Option 2: Update through Customer Department

If you choose this option, you can provide the TRN to the customs department office. Logging into the e-service portal, the customs officer will verify the TRN. After the officer verifies the TRN, the customs department can update your TRN on its system.

Linking TRNs to CRNs is one of the most important tasks for VAT-registered businesses, especially for those who import goods frequently. As a result, they are able to clear goods quickly and smoothly from the customs port and are able to manage their cash flow better as well.