VAT Registration Services in Dubai

Streamlined VAT Registration Services in Dubai

VAT Registration Services Dubai

Globally, almost 160 countries impose Value Added Taxes (VAT), which are taxes levied on goods and services consumed. UAE is one of the most dynamic countries in the Middle East. In the Emirates, there are several zones considered to be the business free-tax zone that has become popular investment destination for foreigners. 

According to the VAT law, businesses that are registered are recognized by the government as goods and service providers, and they are allowed to charge clients’ taxes and remit the tax to the government.  

Businesses that are VAT registered are entitled to the following:

  • Incorporate VAT into the price of taxable supplies of goods and services
  • VAT paid on purchases can be claimed as input tax credits, the amount of which will be subtracted from the VAT due on sales
  • VAT payments to the government
  • Filing of periodic VAT return filing in Dubai

In addition to the above, companies must also align their business reporting structure with compliance requirements, such as keeping accurate and up-to-date records of their finances,  including tax invoices, credit notes, debit notes, records of inward and outward supplies, etc.

Who is Entitled to Pay VAT

VAT registration in UAE is initiated by filling out the VAT registration form online and submitting the necessary documents along with the form. Our VAT registration services in Dubai provide hassle-free VAT registration services Dubai, VAT registration in Sharjah, and VAT registration in Ajman helps businesses to attain their VAT registration number in Sharjah and Ajman respectively.  Whereas, VAT registration services in Abu Dhabi offer registration services for Abu Dhabi businesses and persons.

  • VAT registration is mandatory for businesses with taxable supplies and imports above AED 375,000
  • VAT registration is voluntary for businesses with taxable supplies and imports between AED 185,000/-  and AED375,000/-
  • VAT registration is not necessary for businesses with taxable supplies and imports below AED 185,000/-

Requisites for the VAT Registration

  • Copy of commercial trade license
  • Passport copy of business owner and partners
  • Emirates ID copy
  • MOA of the company, if any.
  • Company contact details
  • Bank account details
  • Previous 12 months income statement 
  • Nature of business as in commercial license and tasks undertaken

VAT Registration Knows How:

  • Visit  FTA Online Portal.
  • Sign up for a new account.
  • Start registration by following the instructions on the FTA website.
  • Submit the application with all asked-for details 
  • (TRN) Tax Registration Number will be provided to the user provided the submission is successful.

VAT Group Registration

VAT Group Registration is the process by which two or more businesses affiliated with each other register as a group in order to pay the VAT together. The businesses under consideration are given a single VAT number Dubai and can submit a single return when they register under the Group VAT scheme.  Individuals and entities within a VAT group can operate together as a VAT person if they are financially, economically, and organizationally connected. Certain prerequisites are needed and certain criteria are to be met for registration.  Our VAT registration services in Dubai, UAE offer to make all the complexities simpler for the process and make your dream come true.

In Dubai, you can register your trade VAT company in three ways – mainland Dubai, free zones, and offshore, as well as in more than 15 different legal forms, depending on what you’re doing. Filing VAT return Dubai is an easy process with our Dubai trade registration firm.

We tailor all our services to be as simple as possible since we believe that simplicity is better. Dubai trade VAT registration aims to reduce the amount of time, money, and effort invested without compromising the quality of the service. Manual documentation will be eliminated, and transactions will be transparent. Through state-of-the-art technology, we strive to improve the ease of doing cross-border business, including secure payment portals and trainers to train logistics professionals. Our dedicated, diverse teams of professionals have built relationships built on mutual trust and enduring partnerships in order to achieve this goal. We keep our clients competitive by providing innovative workspaces. always.

In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman,  etc our company provides top-quality VAT registration and related services to renowned companies in the region. We have extensive experience assisting international investors in setting up businesses in UAE and our consultancy services are now also available to entrepreneurs.